Lumina Borealis

This weekend is your last chance to get up to Kingston, Ontario to see the magical Lumina Borealis. 3 hours east of Toronto and 2 hours south of Ottawa is the beautiful old town of Kingston, and at the summit of Fort Henry is the exhibition.

I know I'm from southern Australia where the antarctic winds will penetrate your bones but man, that was one cold night. Goose and I registered it as the second coldest we have ever been closely behind that one day in New York. Pretty sure the temperature only got as low as -11° but when you're in rural Canada it's a completely different kind of fresh.

As you sing into the microphone the projection on the wall gets brighter! Pretty cool. Or the open fires that project more images the more people that stand around the fires.

The most popular interactivity was at the centre, throwing balls at moving targets to create a drastic movie piece at the end. The beautiful animals and creatures that follow you through the whole exhibit.